Sports Facilities for Your Employees?

Sports are an important part of one’s life for one to remain healthy. Engaging in sporting activities for non-competitive purposes protects your body from wear and tear and keeps you healthier than when you are not engaged in sports activities. Many people take up sports as a hobby, and a common observation among them would be that they are all healthy. No one suffers from shortness of breath, no one has blood pressure problems, etc. Because of sports, your body adapts to a more active environment for your body. Sports can also be considered better than or as an important supplement to exercising because you may just start enjoying sports more than exercising. For those of you who do not like the routine-based nature of exercising, tennis or squash may just be more interesting to you.It will be a great idea for your firm to encourage your employees to engage in sports to not only get fitter, but to also improve their team spirit and encourage cross-department interaction. If you do plan to have a sports complex built in your office campus it would be just great. Your employees can go straight for a game of tennis after work hours or come early to have an early morning squash session. But, before you put all your faith in a contractor for your sports complex, you need to think the whole thing through. First of all, you need to decide how much land is actually available for the planned sports complex. The number of sports facilities you plan to provide depends on the area of land. If there is lots of land, you can go ahead and have your own gold course. But if you don’t, may be you’ll have to let go of having an Olympic size swimming pool or a gold course. If it is a completely indoor sports complex, what all sports can you have? Well, you can choose from indoor tennis (hard court only), squash, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, skating, indoor hockey, etc. Since most of them are team sports, you may just see a lot of your firm’s employees bonding over sports. When it comes to indoor sports, what all are the aspects of the facilities that you must consider? Well, the first thing is the flooring for the playing area. Every sport requires different kinds of surfaces to be played on. After the flooring, you need to consider the lighting for the arenas. Indoor sports depend fully on lighting. You must also try to cut the amount spent on lighting by exploring options like sustainable eco-friendly lighting, economize on spacing of the lights, etc. The lighting should also be protected from damage that can be caused while playing.Apart from just providing sports facilities, it will be useful to provide additional facilities like massage and gyms. Both are crucial for preparing before playing and relaxing after playing. If the sum of the cost of all these facilities is too much for the firm to bear alone, then you can consider charging the employees who use them. But, do make sure that the fee is not so high that the total fees received by you is not enough to cover at least that part of the cost that you hoped would be covered. Providing such facilities is also an important factor in employee retention and employee facilities. The subsidized sports facilities they have access to will certainly be a pull factor.

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