Nintendo Wii Sports Tennis – 3 Tips For Mastering the Game!

Wii sports tennis is a game that is a ton of fun for both competing players and a pair of doubles going against the computer. Anyone who plays tennis in real life will be pleased about the design of this game and will take pleasure in the fact that true tennis technique comes into play often. If you currently play Wii tennis, you may be wondering what some helpful tricks are for mastering the game. Below you will find three of the best tips for Wii tennis:

Tip 1: Practice that Power serve!

Wii tennis is much like real tennis in that winning the game depends very much on your ability to send your opponent a challenging serve. Mastering the art of the power serve is the best way to do this in Wii tennis! In order to serve the ball most powerfully, you need to time your serve so that your racket and the ball make contact at the highest point possible. You must also pay attention to how you hold the wiimote. Be sure to hold the wiimotes completely vertical while letting it point somewhat downwards. Remember, practice makes perfect so don’t get frustrated if it takes some time to master this tennis technique. Once you master this powerful serve, the computer or the person you are playing, will have a difficult time sending the ball back into your side of the court!

Tip 2: Beat the computer with sweat!

With all Wii sports games, there are subtle clues that you can use to conquer the computer when it is your challenger. One of the most noticeable clues in Wii tennis is when you start to make the computers characters sweat. After numerous returned balls to your opponent, you will begin to notice that the computer’s mii starts to spit small raindrop shapes from their heads. Those raindrops are computerized sweat droplets! It basically means that they are tired and ready to slow down. During this sign of low energy it is wise to launch a super quick return or a power serve to win the game. Always keep in mind that the computer characters are designed to be as much like a true-life opponent as possible.

Tip 3: Win the game with an obvious play!

Here is a tip you should make sure to remember! You may think this at first, but the computer will often struggle with even the most obvious and least challenging of plays. Because of this, one of the most important tips to know when playing Wii sports tennis is that you can win the game with even the most obvious of plays! Next time you are playing Wii tennis, try sending a simple, slow speed volley across the court to the rear player. Typically they will swing their racket anxiously and miss the ball completely! Continue doing this and the player will actually begin to act puzzled and disorientated. With a few power serves, a lot of sweat and some online tips, you and your tennis partner will triumph!

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